Operator – Anon crypto-currency concierge

How does it work?
The Operator service is completely anonymous with communication and payment 100% private using cryto-currency and messaging.  You (bit)message us a question and we provide the answer via the same.

How do I know the service you recommend is safe, secure or legit?
We are currently building our service base and will be using an in house rating system.  We will offer reviews that have been saved but still 100% anon.  Kinda like ‘Angie’s List’ but totally private.  Our reputation is our biggest asset and your trust is the keystone to it.  Let us be your professional anon source.

What is Bitmessage?
Bitmessage is a P2P communications protocol used to send encrypted messages to another person or to many subscribers… Please visit the site for more information** Bitmessage.org.  Also read this excellent ‘How To’ article on getting setup with Bitmessage.

Isn’t holding reviews ‘not private’?
We hold reviews from (bit)messages that, in themselves, are just a randomly generated address and number.  We can verify with the service provider and the customer via those temporary addresses that all went well.

How much does it cost?
Asking questions is free while we are in Beta.
In our current Beta phase we are starting with 0.009BTC or 0.304LTC for any question or service recommendation.  Have another question that evening? No worries because once the conversation has started you will not be charged.

How do we pay and ask the Operator a question?
We are currently taking all questions free of charge, during the Beta phase of the Operator service.
First you send the payment to our account, then you send the question via (bit)message with you account number listed.  Once we receive the transaction(no confirmations needed) we will respond to your question.

Can I ask anytime?
We receive all bitmessages sent to us and will reply in time.  Please be patient with us as we are currently in the beta phase.

What if I want something that could be illegal?Currently we will not turn down any questions regarding how, what, when, where and why when it comes to the use of crypto-currencies.  What we will not do is deal in drug trade or arms trade.

Do you have a website, and how do I see reviews?
We have a basic free blog site for our own anonymity.  We wish to remain anonymous just as you do.  Reviews will be shared via the questions that are asked.

How can we trust you?
Operator is based on two things: reputation and anonymity.  Without those two we will not survive.  We are building our reputation daily by giving our customer 100% of what they need, anonymously, with total security.

What is your(bit)message address for questions and service offerings?
We can be reached via Bitmessage at  BM-2D9JTZP6tucgDF8GvckeLdzi22KfmoLDrA  for questions.

What if I want to give you my information for referrals?
All direct b2b communication should go to our Provider address here  BM-2D9qy96Unkb1vDnMAVhPAgg69zK9ES7Euo